What makes Princeton Associates different is experience, perspective and respect.

In business, there is no substitute for experience. Since 1991, Princeton Associates has conducted almost 1000 searches for executives in every major US market. From Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida, we have the skills to uncover the best possible talent available in the market today.

Health care is a challenging industry. In order to know the skills needed to succeed, you need a consultant that understands these complexities. Tom Boyer is unique in the world of executive search because of the perspective he has gained as a Board member of a large hospital system, a large health care foundation, and as the founding Chairman of a health care workforce collaborative.

As the hiring agent, we respect your authority to decide who is, and who isn’t, the right fit. For every objective reason a candidate is hired, there are just as many subjective reasons that influence the decision. Princeton Associates will never assume authority that rightly belongs to you, the hiring client.


“It’s such a pleasure to work with someone so honest, ethical and professional.”

R. Scott – Denver, CO



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